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“They’re lots of agents out there and they’re not all equal.”

We at Rochester Revitalization pride ourselves with thinking outside of the box. We go all-in or nothing at all. When it comes with working with a realtor, we expect the realtor to not just to get the job done, but also get the job done right. Howard Hanna realtor Ashley Nowak of Rochester, NY is someone that Rochester Revitalization trust to sell our flipped houses.

Our Social Media Manager Alecia Crawford recently sat down with Nowak to learn a little bit more about her:

The Rochester native always had an interest in real estate. She hit the ground running, obtaining her real estate license shortly after graduating from St. Bonaventure University, with a degree in Management. Nowak’s hard work landed her a spot on the Steve Wrobbel Team at Howard Hanna.

The Steve Wrobbel Team is a Platinum Producer that does over $30 million year in sales, landing them in New York State’s Top 10. It was her time at Howard Hanna where Nowak began working with Rochester Revitalization. Nowak first met Ricky Kotak a few years ago when one of her clients wanted to purchase one of his houses, and began selling a few of his properties for him shortly after. A few years later Rochester Revitalization, LLC was formed, and Nowak sold houses for the new company.

“…as a realtor they have been easy to work with because they understand the marketplace,” said Nowak. “They understand what customers expect.”

Nowak attributes the success of the Rochester Revitalization and her Realtor relationship to our custom jobs, with our house flips as well as the diversity of product offers for consumers.

“The fact that they offer rent-to-owns, the fact that have such diverse portfolio that that can offer people, I think helps me as an agent because you get people who aren’t necessarily looking to buy a house, maybe they want to rent, maybe they want to rent to own and that’s something down the road and they open up the door for me to give any customer I meet some type of outlet.”

Nowak recalls a time where she had a client whose house was going into foreclosure, and the house needed a ton of work. The house couldn’t be sold in its current state for the price that Nowak’s client needed, so she contacted Rochester Revitalization, and the deal was made that benefitted everyone.

If you would like to work with Ashley Nowak you can call her at 585-472-3016 or email her at

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